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Mandatory shipping marks for LCL shipment

The Port Authority of Chattogram has made it mandatory to affix import and export shipping marks to the sharing space of a container in the less than container load condition.

The CPA’s Traffic Division sent the notice regarding the issue to all clearing and transit agents listed under the CPA on April 18, 2022.

According to the letter, all imported and exported products or goods that are loaded under less than container loading conditions should bear the shipping marks to reduce the container backlog crisis in the port.

For lack of affixing shipping marks, customs encountered difficulties in the operations of screening, storage and delivery of boxes and containers.

Shipping marks describe the details of the products or goods that are in the box or container and require handlers to easily recognize the types of products they are handling and the precautions to be taken, the notification said.

A shipping mark is an identifying word, number, or symbol placed on cargo to designate consignee, destination, weight, and related information.

It also includes information such as the size of the item, the country of origin, and the quantity of products in the box or container.

The notice signed by the CPA’s traffic director also mentioned that if an importer and exporter failed to comply with the rule as of June 2, 2022, the port authority would take legal action against those issues.