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Japan delivers shipment of medical supplies to Sri Lanka

The Government of Japan has started its aid to Sri Lanka, delivering the first shipment of essential drugs totaling $1.5 million donated by UNICEF to meet the urgent needs of the population. The essential aid will be used to provide much-needed healthcare to children, pregnant women and their families, especially in some of the most vulnerable areas, the Daily Mirror reports. Ambassador Mizukoshi and UNICEF Representative in Sri Lanka Emma Brigham delivered medical supplies to Sri Lankan Minister of Health Keheriya Rambukwela.

UNICEF Representative in Sri Lanka, Emma Brigham, said: “The government and people of Japan have answered UNICEF’s call in Sri Lanka and provided lifesaving assistance to children and families for a period very difficult in the country. I am grateful to you,” he said. “The current crisis has pushed essential social services, including healthcare, to their limits, and support like this can help bring some relief,” she added. More than 570 people are under the burden of poverty, the pandemic and the economic crisis, local media report. The economic crisis in Sri Lanka has had a major impact on essential services, particularly the health sector.

Minister Hideaki said, “The Government of Japan, with the support of UNICEF, has timely provided the first batch of essential medicines at this critical time to meet the urgent need for life-saving medicines in Sri Lanka. We are very honored and hope that this aid will reach millions of vulnerable people to meet the challenges of this economic crisis”. The drugs are being distributed by the Health Ministry’s Medical Supplies Department (MSD) and targeted to the most vulnerable and high-risk areas based on dwindling drug stocks in each district, local media said.

According to Colombo Page, the Ministry of Health has drawn up a list of essential medicines that will be out of stock in the next two months, including for children and pregnant women. It’s a race against time given the desperate need. The prompt contribution of the Japanese government is commendable. UNICEF will leverage its extensive expertise to source medicines quickly and deliver them where they are needed most,” said Kristian Skoog, its UNICEF Representative in Sri Lanka.

The contributions of the Government of Japan are essential to meet the growing needs of children, especially in the areas of nutrition, water and sanitation (WASH), education and protection services, not only in immediate but long term. Colombo website. Sri Lanka is currently facing its worst economic crisis since independence, with food and fuel shortages, rising prices and power outages affecting many citizens.

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  • Japan delivers shipment of medical supplies to Sri Lanka
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