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Jamaican company secures first construction limestone shipment to US

Jamaica’s limestone mining industry secured the country’s first construction limestone shipment to the United States.

According to the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAPRO) Lydford Mining Company in the northern parish of St. Ann will ship 36,000 metric tons of limestone for use in the production of concrete aggregates in Savannah, Georgia.

As the most used building material worldwide, limestone is used in the construction of roads, concrete and other building materials.

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Limestone is an important source of building aggregates due to its strength, versatility and low thermal expansion. It is used in the production of concrete (producing stronger concrete less prone to expansion); used in asphalt production (hydrated lime reduces cracking and stripping); road construction (as a road base due to its strength and durability); new construction (in the construction of houses under concrete slabs that form the foundation of houses); erosion control (in the form of riprap along rivers, streams, drainage and roadsides); and soil stabilization.

JAMPRO noted that loading has begun for the first shipment involving 1,000 trucks and represents the start of a series of regular shipments to markets in the southeastern United States.

JAMPRO notes that the global limestone market size was valued at US$73.51 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach US$113.6 billion by 2028.

He adds that the global projection bodes well for Jamaica.