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Intel and AMD officially suspend all shipping operations to Russia

Intel and AMD said today that all shipments to Russia and Belarus will be halted due to restrictions imposed by their respective governments. This means that the two countries can no longer access the latest technologies in the consumer and data center sectors (supercomputers, military and networks).

Intel condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and revealed that employee donations and a matching campaign raised $1.2 million for the relief effort. Intelligence officials are now calling for an immediate end to the conflict and a “speedy restoration of peace”. Additionally, AMD has confirmed that sales and delivery of its products in Belarus and Russia have been halted.

Based on the sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and other countries, AMD is currently suspending sales and distribution of our products in Russia and Belarus. These are all AMD products and products we supply (PC etc.) in Russia and Belarus.

These statements come just days after the first reports of a supply embargo emerged. According to a first report by the Russian news agency RBC, the delivery of AMD and Intel processors has been interrupted. The magazine was unable to confirm this information with Intel at the time, and neither company issued a public remark.

A representative of the Association of Russian Developers and Manufacturers of Electronics (ARPE) confirmed the suspension of shipments of Intel and AMD products. And Intel’s representative in Russia did not directly answer whether the company had stopped supplying processors.

According to Tom’s Hardware, the ban is expected to have little effect on global sales as the Russian government accounts for just 0.1% of international shipments. However, the shipment ban is expected to extend to other items as well, as TSMC, the world’s largest semiconductor maker, is said to abide by the sanctions. This means that the Baikal chip, developed in-house and manufactured by TSMC, will not be transported to Russia.

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