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Inaugural delivery of Hyundai automobiles arrives in South Port – The Suburban Times

Northwest Seaport Alliance Announcement.

Last week, the Northwest Seaport Alliance (NWSA) welcomed the inaugural delivery of Hyundai automobiles to its southern port of Tacoma. This new partnership between GLOVIS America, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions (WWS) and NWSA will result in a significant increase in finished vehicles and general cargo operations, as well as increased business with our local partners.

“The GLOVIS America consolidation extends a long-standing partnership between GLOVIS America and NWSA to the Port of Tacoma. In addition to Kias, several thousand Hyundais will begin to be imported and processed at the WWS Tacoma plant each year, increasing automobile volumes and job opportunities in our front door,” said John McCarthy, Managing Member of the Northwest Seaport Alliance.

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GLOVIS, established in 2002, undertook a competitive selection process to identify a single gateway as an entry point for Kia and Hyundai automobiles and to create capacity for growth with additional automotive customers. Streamlining combined automotive imports has proven beneficial in other geographic ports of call in the United States for GLOVIS America operations. The NWSA South Port, which was already the port of entry for Kias handled by the Auto Warehousing Company (AWC), a longtime auto processor headquartered in Tacoma and a valued NWSA partner, was selected as having the capacity and resources to handle the combined volume.

“GLOVIS America sought a strategic gateway that could provide superior customer service and the resources needed to manage both Kia’s and Hyundai’s automotive businesses now and in the future. Port of Tacoma was the obvious choice,” said Jason Woo, President and CEO of GLOVIS Americas.

“GLOVIS America appreciates our partnership with the NWSA and is already actively pursuing additional growth in automotive and general cargo volumes as part of our commitment to the Port of Tacoma as our mega port in the PNW.” Scott Cornell, CEO of GLOVIS America.

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This first shipment of nearly 2,000 vehicles on the ship Great Mercury is the start of what will be a substantial increase in the number of automobiles via the gateway. In 2021 and 2022, the NWSA saw a significant increase in general cargo, which GLOVIS America also handles on its vessels, and terminals and handling partners have maintained the capacity to handle these increased numbers. “In the coming years, the agreement with GLOVIS America has the potential to more than double current automotive volumes,” said Scott Cornell.

The additional automotive volume from this partnership will bring more work to Tacoma businesses and more jobs in the area. Imported vehicles use labor to reach automotive processing centers where workers perform inspections and additional manufacturing before being delivered to area dealerships.

After a competitive audit, we are delighted that GLOVIS has chosen our gateway as the first port to manage the combined brands and logistics operations of GLOVIS America,” said Sam Cho, Managing Member of the Northwest Seaport Alliance. “This not only strengthens our partnership with GLOVIS America, but also helps strengthen the strong business relationship we have with South Korea, one of our major trading partners. This opportunity to increase automobile volumes and general cargo tonnage helps diversify port operations and ensure future growth at our gateway. As a Korean American, I am proud of this achievement.

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