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Ice drugs seized from salt shipment earmarked for Australia


Timely action by Pakistan Customs averted the threat of a ban on exports of Pakistani goods to Australia, customs officials said. The Express Grandstand Friday.

A customs team foiled the offer to smuggle huge amounts of methamphetamine, commonly known by its street name, ice, into Australia under the guise of rock salt.

Acting on a tip-off from detectives in the working gangs at the docks, Customs Examining Officer Shehzad Bhatti, led a successful raid overnight from Thursday to Friday and seized around 46 kilograms of crystal meth ice in a shipping container.

Officials said customs authorities registered a case and arrested a suspect, Fida Hussain.

“The death knell would have sounded for the export of Pakistani salt to Australia, if the ice-cold drug shipment had reached the Australian port,” said a major salt manufacturer and exporter. Chinese grocery stores in Australia are the biggest buyers of Pakistani salt, Hub Salt Company Chairman Ismail Sattar said. The Grandstand Express.

Chinese grocery stores buy almost 80% of the salt exported from Pakistan to Australia. Shipments land in Australian ports daily, bringing much-needed foreign currency to national coffers, Sattar said.

He said if this shipment of salt had left the port, Pakistani salt exports to other countries in the world, including Australia, would have been severely affected and importers would have stopped salt export orders from Pakistan. .