Shipment courier

HM Customs intercepts $34,000 marijuana shipment from US

The drugs found in a package were recently shipped by a local courier.

Her Majesty’s Customs officers recently intercepted a shipment containing some 3,460 grams of marijuana imported into the territory from the United States.

Speaking on ZBVI radio about the incident, K-9 Customs Unit Acting Senior Officer Kambi Braithwaite said the estimated value of the find was around $34,000.

Braithwaite said that in recent months his K-9 (dog) officers and their handlers have intercepted numerous packages containing contraband; the majority of which turned out to be the illicit drug, marijuana.

“Over the past two to four months, over 6,000 grams of marijuana have been found,” Brathwaite said.

He said these discoveries were made mainly in the warehouses of some of the permanent couriers located in the territory and said most of the drug shipments originated from the United States.

Describing it as a ‘tedious process’, Braithwaite said no arrests have been made in relation to any of the finds, as people often use pseudonyms to send and receive packages; which makes it difficult to identify the culprits.

He also said that HM Customs does not insist on couriers contacting recipients in cases where contraband has been found as it is against their policy.

Customs working with the police are arrested

Despite the setback, Braithwaite said the management and staff of these courier services have continued to cooperate fully with customs to assist in their investigations.

He also noted that work continues with the police intelligence unit to achieve a more effective result in apprehending those responsible for these crimes.

Braithwaite further explained that the presence of the K-9 unit is indicative of some measure of deterrence for those involved in shipping illicit imports.

He also expressed his thanks to his team for their continued commitment, especially in the face of the challenges encountered so far during the COVID-19 pandemic.

K-9 Customs Unit Acting Senior Officer Kambi Brathwaite.

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