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High-end MacBook Pro shipping delay may be due to China’s COVID-19 lockdown

Some customers waiting for new high-end MacBooks are reporting that their ship dates have moved back to May or early June. Likewise, in-store pickup options are currently unavailable until June. The news came amid China’s continued COVID-19 lockdown affecting the supply chain.

Gurman high-end MacBook Pro shipments delayed

Bloomberg reported that US customers who tried to order the high-end MacBook Pro models got delivery estimates as early as early June. Similarly, the shipping dates for lower-end MacBook Pros have been pushed back to May 26. The report states that the delivery estimate has changed drastically in recent days.

The delay in delivery estimates could be the effect of escalating COVID-19 lockdowns in China. Some Apple laptop makers have stopped production in China due to the quarantine. However, Apple has yet to release an official statement on this.

Kuo: high-end MacBook Pro delivery time increases from 3 to 5 weeks

Ming-Chi Analyst Kuo also tweeted this high-end MacBook Pro shipment increased by three to five weeks after China’s lockdown. So, it could very well be true that the Chinese quarantine has affected Apple’s supply.

The supply chain may also have affected existing orders for MacBook Pros. There are reports that customers who placed their orders even before the lockdown have yet to receive their laptops. MacRumors reported that some of its readers who ordered the MacBook Pro in March claimed that Apple pushed their order shipment dates back to late May or early June.

China’s COVID-19 lockdown doesn’t affect shipping of other Apple products

Meanwhile, Bloomberg also said China’s lockdown does not affect the supply chain for other Apple products. Apple can still ship the new MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac Mini in a day or a few days. Likewise, dShipping estimates for Mac Pro and Mac Studio were not affected. Although Apple promises to deliver orders for these products by May or June, the delay is understandable since it usually takes longer to ship the Mac Pro. Apple only recently launched the Mac Studio.