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Harris meets baby formula shipment outside DC

On Friday, Vice President Harris welcomed another shipment of infant formula from overseas at Dulles, Va., airport and said the administration would have brought 13 million eight-ounce bottles thanks to its “Operation Fly Formula” airlift by the end of the week. .

Harris and Second Mr. Doug Emhoff met with aviation and transportation workers who helped deliver the formula to the airport outside Washington.

The vice president delivered brief remarks touting the public-private partnership that has brought thousands of pounds of formula from overseas to the United States amid a critical domestic shortage.

“It’s really about what should be one of the most important goals for all of us, which is making sure we’re meeting the needs of our children,” Harris said.

Harris was joined by Brett Hart, president of United Airlines, who donated flights to ferry shipments of infant formula to the United States from overseas.

“We are clear that the strength of public-private partnerships is something that can cope with times like this in an extraordinary way,” Harris said.

The shipment Harris received on Friday contained 14,000 pounds of Kendamil formula from London, the equivalent of more than 200,000 eight-ounce bottles of formula, according to the White House. She said that by Sunday the administration will have shipped 13 million bottles of formula through Operation Fly Formula, announced by President Biden last month.

Harris said the administration is making progress to address the shortage, but added, “There’s no question there’s still work to be done.”

She said the Biden administration will continue to quickly move the formula to the shelves and stressed the need to increase domestic production.

The formula shortage stems from the February closure of an Abbott Nutrition plant in Michigan for safety reasons. The Biden administration has been criticized for being slow to act in response to the shortage, particularly after Biden admitted in recent weeks that he only learned of the seriousness of the problem in early April.

In addition to formula airlifts, the Biden administration has also used the Defense Production Act to increase domestic formula production.

Abbott’s factory in Michigan reopened earlier this month but was forced to close this week after storms caused flooding. The company said in a statement Wednesday that the incident was likely to delay production and distribution of the new formula by “a few weeks.”