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Government ropes in pre-shipment inspectors

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Sikhulekelani Moyo, business journalist
THE Ministry of Industry and Commerce has contracted three service providers to carry out pre-shipment inspections of imported goods in a bid to further curb the influx of substandard products.

In 2015, the government appointed the international certification agency headquartered in France, Bureau Veritas, to verify and assess the conformity of goods in exporting countries to prevent the entry of unsafe and substandard products into the Zimbabwe.

In a speech read on his behalf by the Deputy Director of the Department of Quality Assurance in Bulawayo, Ms. Mary Chingonzoh, during a sensitization workshop on Record-Based Compliance Assessment (CBCA) in the city on Tuesday , the ministry’s permanent secretary, Dr Mavis Sibanda, said three more service providers have been added to expedite the inspection of imported goods in Zimbabwe.

The Standard Association of Zimbabwe, Cotecna Inspection Societe Anonyme (SA) of Switzerland and EAA Company Limited of Japan are the three additional service providers.

Under the CBCA scheme, all products regulated by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce exported to Zimbabwe must be accompanied by a CBCA certificate.

“This is a momentous opportunity for Zimbabwe, as the inspection of goods exported to Zimbabwe will now be expedited, both on the pre-shipment inspection front and on the destination front for certain goods imported into Zimbabwe, which include general cargo, new and used motor vehicles and spare parts for vehicles and consolidated cargo,” said Dr. Sibanda.

“The enhanced CBCA program emerged following a successful review of the previous program, which was made possible by incorporating the sentiments of the business sector, regulators, government departments and quasi-government “, said Dr. Sibanda.

Doctor Mavis Sibanda

“The program has seen three other service providers, namely Cotecna Inspection Société Anonyme (SA) from Switzerland, EAA Company Limited from Japan and our own Standard Association from Zimbabwe join Bureau Veritas Company under the programme.

She said the scheme is also designed to curb the influx of substandard imported products that flood the domestic market and create unequal competitive conditions for local industries.

Since its creation, the pre-routing of vehicles was provided by Bureau Veritas.

Company Bureau Veritas

From now on, all vehicles, including new and used vehicles and all new and used spare parts, will be subject to pre-export verification by four companies.

“Vehicles and spare parts that arrive at the border without a certificate of compliance will be subject to inspection at destination,” she said.

The permanent secretary said the new CBCA program is there to reduce the potential risk presented by imported goods, which include used vehicles, which pose a potential radiation risk, which poses a danger to human health and the environment, while faulty vehicles can cause serious accidents. .

In an interview, the Acting Director of the Ministry’s Quality Assurance Department, Ms. Riana Chibanda, said that since its establishment in 2015, CBCA has achieved many goals in terms of reducing the influx of imported goods from inferior quality.

“Around five million substandard products have been refused entry into Zimbabwe under our Pre-Export Verification Scheme and we have expanded the CBCA Scheme, the list of products as referred to in our Statutory Instrument 124 of 2020 and increased service providers,” Ms. Chibanda said.

“The program is there to protect Zimbabweans from certain products that we believe are harmful to health.”
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