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Free Water Shipment Arrives in California as Boil Order Lifted | Central Missouri News

CALIFORNIA – The Well CaliMo and New Beginnings Church have partnered with Convoy of Hope to bring water to California residents who were under a boil water order for nearly a week.

Twenty pallets of free water arrived at First Christian Church on Thursday afternoon.

“We’re just here to try to serve people. That’s what it’s all about. To serve together,” said Thomas Medlin, pastor of New Beginnings Church and co-director of Well CaliMo.

Heather Medlin, supervisor of the Well CaliMo site, said she saw conversations on Facebook about people in need of water.

“We have a long relationship with Convoy of Hope, we’ve worked with them for several years,” said Heather Medlin. “So we contacted their emergency services, and they said, ‘Yeah, we’ll get you some water. “”

“We are grateful that Convoy of Hope can come out and help our community,” said Tom Medlin.

The Department of Natural Resources issued a boil water order for California’s public water system on July 1.

“We were told it had to be boiled. We couldn’t use it for cooking, drinking, brushing our teeth…”, declared Heather Medlin.

A news release says the city found E. coli and coliforms in the water after routine testing. The water system coordinated with MNR to collect more samples and investigate the extent of the contamination.

E. coli are bacteria that indicate water may be contaminated with human or animal waste. The bacteria can cause short-term effects such as diarrhea, crams, nausea, headaches, and other symptoms.

“You don’t know how long this is going to last or how bad it was and what it was contaminated with initially. It’s still a concern. Hopefully they’ve fixed that now,” said Charlie Pingleton, a California resident who collected water. .

California Mayor Richard Green told KOMU 8 on Wednesday that he expected the order to be lifted on Thursday. The city of California and the DNR conducted two consecutive negative tests.