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Free N95 masks in Bozeman? Pharmacies still awaiting shipment

If you tried to get your hands on an N95 mask in Bozeman, you’re going to have to wait a little longer.

The US government recently announced that it will provide 400 million free N95 masks to pharmacies across the country. A few major cities have already received shipments of free masks, but what about Montana? We’ve reached out to a few pharmacies in Bozeman to see when the free N95 masks will be available locally.

The response we received from every pharmacy we called was that the free N95 masks have not yet arrived at Bozeman. Many local pharmacies are still waiting for the shipment to arrive.

CVS has a recorded message that says free N95 masks are coming, but not yet available in stores. Some pharmacies we spoke to told us they hadn’t received any communication about the free masks and weren’t sure when they would be available.

Demand for N95 masks saw a surge during Omicron’s push after studies found that cloth masks do not provide enough protection when it comes to reducing the spread of COVID-19. N95 masks can be expensive, so it’s no surprise that so many people are trying to get their hands on a free mask.

Many pharmacies in Montana expect to receive the free N95 masks by the end of this week, but the exact date is unknown. If you want to get one, your best bet is to contact your local pharmacy for the most accurate information about free N95 masks.

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