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First LNG shipment arrives in Hungary

The first shipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) has arrived from the Croatian import terminal to Hungary, adding a new mode and route to the domestic gas supply chain which is currently mainly used for transportation purposes; soon the road may also be opened for industrial use, ARELGAS Kft. Told MTI Wednesday.

After ARELGAS Ltd. has become the first company in Hungary to put its first LNG transport train into operation, the possibility has opened up for gas to arrive in Hungary not only by pipeline but also by transport vehicle, often referred to as a “virtual gas pipeline”. of the LNG FSRU (Liquefied Natural Gas Floating Storage Regasifier Unit) facility on the island of Krk, Croatia, the closest LNG import terminal to Hungary.

The arrival of the first Hungarian vehicle at home from the Krk terminal and its subsequent transfer to the gas storage reservoir is an important step in terms of security of supply, diversification of the transport route and, of course, potential for cost reduction.

The shortening of the transport route to supply industrial customers and thus more accurate delivery planning is an important result of the process that has now been initiated,” according to the company statement.

Hungary currently has three LNG filling stations, and next year the number of filling points in Hungary will double to meet the needs of the growing number of LNG-powered vehicles.

Meanwhile, since Wednesday evening, oil has been continuously arriving in Hungary via the Friendship pipeline after Mol took over the transit costs to be paid by the Russian side, the Ministry of Technology and Education announced on Thursday morning. ‘Industry. The ministry pointed out that

despite the few days of disruption, domestic supplies were not in danger, Hungary having sufficient reserves for several weeks.

The Southern Branch of the Friendship Pipeline supplies crude oil to Hungary, Slovakia and Czechia. While transport has resumed to Hungary and Slovakia, Russian oil is still not reaching the Czech Republic via the Friendship pipeline, Czech public television (CT24) reported on Thursday morning, citing Mero, the operator of the pipelines. Friendship and IKL.

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Feature photo: MTI/Illyés Tibor