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First international shipment of baby formula arrives in the United States, but it’s still unclear when the tri-state area will receive more

NEW YORK – The National formula milk shortage continues to create major inconveniences for families.

In response, Mayor Eric Adams said a state of emergency for the city.

As CBS2’s Elijah Westbrook reports, it came as the the first shipment of infant formula arrived in the United Statesand there’s more on the way.

The nationwide shortage of infant formula continues to wreak havoc on many households. The shortage began in February after Abbott Labs, the largest formula maker in the United States, closed its plant due to a safety recall.

“It’s ridiculous,” said mother Miriana Lisanti.

She says she is frustrated. Her little one no longer needs formula, but her cousin has struggled to find some for her baby. She believes that more needs to be done to help struggling families.

“I have a cousin with special needs who needs a special formula and she can’t find it anywhere,” Lisanti said. “And our children? We pay the taxes.

Store shelves where formula milk is usually found are now emptylike in a Duane Reade on the Upper West Side, but some much-needed relief could be on the way as soon as this week.

President Joe Biden tweeted Sunday that a second shipment of formula is expected to land in Pennsylvania in the coming days and will be distributed nationwide.

“I’ve been told this shipment provides enough formula to care for 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers for a week,” Biden said.

But the Biden administration is facing criticism that it hasn’t acted quickly enough.

“They need to step in and provide for the American people,” one person said.

In New York, Adams declares a state of emergency to prevent price gouging. In a statement, the mayor said “this emergency executive order will help us crack down on any retailer seeking to take advantage of this crisis by raising the prices of this essential good.”

“It’s so sad. I think we have to step up a bit and try for the younger ones, it’s tragic,” said mother Angie Durjan.

It’s unclear when our area will receive this latest round of formulas from the federal government, but we hear another shipment is expected to arrive in Pennsylvania later this week.