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First cargo of the “Ukraine Airlift” operation loaded and ready to take off!

The Foundation works with the Afya Foundation. Afya scavenges unused medical supplies that would otherwise go to landfills. (More than: Since 2008, Afya has rescued and shipped supplies worth more than $39 million to 79 countries.

Thanks to everyone who worked on it, but the job is not done. Now we need the next shipment, and the next and the next. If you have medical goods to donate, please contact [email protected].

[email protected]
[email protected]

About the US-Ukraine Foundation
Since 1991, the US-Ukraine Foundation (USUF), headquartered in washington d.c. with a permanent presence in Kyivhas created and supported numerous strategic programs and projects, having obtained funding of almost $50 million. The US-Ukraine Foundation is a non-governmental, 501(c)(3) organization that works to support the development of democracy, a market economy and human rights in Ukraine, as well as the strategic partnership between the United States and Ukraine.

About the Afya Foundation
Since 2008, the Afya Foundation has fulfilled its mission to improve healthcare delivery in underserved communities around the world. Afya achieves this goal by coordinating with local healthcare professionals on the ground and facilitating personalized shipments of recovered surplus medical supplies and equipment that improve local healthcare systems. Our regional network of medical supply donors and volunteers enables Afya to respond to immediate humanitarian needs in areas devastated by natural disasters or public health crises, alongside our long-term programs to address chronic health disparities. matter of health. Our expertise in matching surplus to need, our in-depth knowledge of the supply chain and our agile approach to delivering results are backed by our impeccable reputation and numerous awards.

SOURCE US Ukraine Foundation