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Fire safety simulator and shipping supplies to Tampa in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian

CHICAGO (SCS) — A fire safety simulator built in the northern suburbs will travel to Florida on Friday with much-needed supplies.

Simulators are used to teach firefighters and residents about fire hazards and fire prevention. This one was built by JHB Group, Inc., a Lake in the Hills company made up of former firefighters.

He was already supposed to go to Florida, but when Hurricane Ian hit, the company decided to do a little more.

They reached out to local businesses for donations, and several donated; everything from snacks donated by Fisher Nuts to coffee from the Fire Dept. Coffee from Rockford, to soda from Spirit Water Distillery and water donated by 3M. The Carpentersville Fire Department also donated snacks and beverages.

“Last week one of our guys said, ‘Hey, why don’t we do a little good and see if they need anything. So what we did was we reached out, and we reached out to some local people here, and businesses and stuff, and people wanted help, which was great said Chris Gantz, CEO of JHB Group. “It’s just a matter of, you know what, it’s happening there for fire safety education, but again, it has a dual purpose along the way for hurricane recovery. “

“They had 88 fire houses that were damaged or destroyed just south of Tampa, so those supplies are going to be donated to those people and the various crews that are helping them get back on their feet,” he added.

The trailer should leave Friday afternoon. He’s heading to the Hillsborough County Fire Department in Tampa.