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Finland to send second arms shipment to Ukraine

Finland will send another arms shipment to Ukraine, its prime minister announced on Thursday, three weeks after the Nordic country broke with its long-standing arms delivery policy.

The shipment “includes arms assistance to Ukraine”, Sanna Marin told reporters in Brussels as EU heads of state met to discuss new sanctions against Russia.

“We are not revealing details so that we can ensure the delivery arrives safely in Ukraine,” Marin said, adding, “We must be ready to support Ukraine for as long as the war continues.”

Four days after Russia invaded Ukraine, Finland broke with its longstanding principle of not supplying weapons to war zones and announced that it would send anti-tank weapons, assault and ammunition in kyiv.

Several countries, including Sweden, the UK and Germany, announced new shipments to Ukraine this week, following calls from the president Volodymyr Zelensky that the EU and NATO increase their military assistance.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has set off alarm bells in Finland, which was part of the Russian Empire for more than 100 years, fought two wars with Moscow in the last century and shares a border 1,340 km (830 miles) overland with Russia.

Finland was forced by the Kremlin to stay out of Western defense cooperation during the Cold War, and since then has remained militarily non-aligned, despite joining the European Union in 1995.

But Russia’s assault on Ukraine has seen Finnish public support for NATO membership top 50% for the first time, according to a series of recent polls.