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FedEx Delivers Critical Shipment for Operation Fly Formula

FedEx Delivers Critical Shipment for Operation Fly Formula

May 25, 2022

On May 25, 2022, a FedEx Express MD-11 delivered 100,000 pounds of Gerber baby formula, equivalent to 1 million 8-ounce bottles, to Dulles International Airport from Ramstein, Germany. For the second time this week, FedEx Express supported the U.S. government’s Operation Fly Formula with today’s shipment movement via the FedEx Express air and ground network. The shipment was unloaded and transferred to FedEx Express trucks for transport to a Nestlé distribution center in Pennsylvania.

FedEx remains engaged with the US administration and agencies to provide logistics and transportation support as needed for Operation Fly Formula.

“Our network was designed for missions like this – to move time-sensitive shipments safely and quickly,” said Gina Adams, vice president for government and regulatory affairs, FedEx. Corp. “FedEx Express’ integrated air and ground network has accelerated the movement of infant formula from overseas manufacturers to the United States for distribution to retail outlets and hospitals nationwide. We are proud to work with the U.S. government and our healthcare customers to help alleviate this crisis. »