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Fareham Company Unveils World’s First Robotic Recovery System for Ship-Ready Hard Drives

Lumico Digital, which is at Fareham Innovation Centerproduced a system that retrieves newly manufactured hard drives from storage piles for automated shipment – and it did it from scratch in just 11 months.

Nine 3.8-meter-tall robots are being exported this month to a production facility in Southeast Asia, where the company’s installation team will oversee integration with existing automation.

Co-founder Steve Kennington said: “It’s the only system of its kind in the world that exists for this purpose.

Dave Bowyer, left, and Steve Kennington, co-founder of Lumico Digital, with part of the company’s robotic recovery system for newly manufactured stored hard drives ready for shipment from Southeast Asia.

“We’ve had the equivalent of up to five full-time people on the project since March, involved in hardware, software, electrical and construction.”

A Computer Science graduate from the University of Portsmouth, Steve has a background in automated hard drive testers – robots that move hard drives around before they are cleared for final use.

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He said: “The robotic process product we created is a tester but without the tester capabilities – it’s basically a large storage system.

“The hard drives will arrive along a conveyor belt to be stacked in storage until this batch is ready for release – the factory then issues a ‘mass unload’ request and our bespoke system extracts drives them from a grid stack and sends them on their merry way.

Lumico Digital develops automated systems for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, wholesale, logistics, insurance, utilities, fintech, and entertainment, sports, and social.

On their latest project, the company partnered with Dave Bowyer, an automation systems consultant.

“It’s Dave’s brainchild and we’ve brought it to life – it’s truly a collaborative effort,” Steve said.

Dave added: “There are three key facets to the system: the mechanical solution, the physical control hardware to operate it, and the control software which is essentially the ‘soul’ of the system, giving it life.

With eight employees, Lumico Digital was co-founded six years ago by Steve and fellow director Stephen Briney.

Steve said: “We joined Fareham Innovation Center six months after we started, we’ve expanded to the workshop and one of the largest offices here, and we can’t praise the center enough for supporting innovative businesses. like ours.”