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EXG in coach transport | New

In addition to coaches, EXG handled power cars (DPC) and diesel multiple units (DMU). Cargoes measured up to 20m x 2.93m x 4m, with weights ranging from 34 to 80 tons.

The shipments were exported to Sri Lanka under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Indian and Sri Lankan governments. They were transported from the manufacturing plant to the port of Chennai for final assembly and packaging, after which they were shipped to the port of Colombo.

EXG said, “Our seasoned operations and clearance team managed approvals from various government agencies, port authorities and ship agents to execute the project. Our scope of business included goods receipt at port, packing, port handling, customs clearance and hook delivery.

“EXG used internal hydraulic axles to support delivery under the hook without leaving the hook idle. Thus, we were able to meet the difficult deadlines for loading ships. »

The company created detailed plans 20 days before the coaches moved. This allowed EXG to manufacture the rudder bars and saddles for the job.

EXG is a member of the Global Project Consortium (WWPC), representing India.