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Excessive pesticide residue found in shipment of Mie Sedaap noodle cups to Taiwan

July 5 was reported that customs intercepted shipments containing items from Indonesia and Malaysia in Taiwan. Indeed, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found that imported items contain excess residues of pesticides and preservatives.

In its weekly report, it was said that the FDA had blocked several articles. including 5 from Indonesia and 1 from Malaysia.

The 5 items from Indonesia include the famous brand of instant noodles Mie Sedaap in 5 different flavors. The 5 different flavors are:

  • Mug Mie Sedaap (chicken soup),
  • Mie Sedaap mug (special baso),
  • Cup Mie Sedaap (Dry Korean Spicy Chicken),
  • Cup Mie Sedaap (Korean spicy chicken soup),
  • and Mie sedaap (spicy and sour soup).

The FDA had found excess ethylene oxide (pesticide) in items.

The Taiwan FDA official said, “The remnants of the pesticides were most likely found in the seasoning packets and the dried onions/shallots supplied from the noodle packets.”

All shipments containing Mie Sedaap noodles from Indonesia have since been rejected and returned, along with a report to senior company officials.

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Regarding the article imported by Malaysia, it is understood that the item is vegetarian tomyam paste. The item was rejected due to an unusual amount of preservatives.

In light of the huge amount of contamination, Taiwan’s FDA mentioned, “Customs officials would increase their import checks by 5% to 20%.”

Beware of the things you eat, everyone, prevention is better than cure!

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