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Engagement ring missing after delivery driver took box on return shipment

CORNELIUS, NC (WBTV) – A missing $12,000 engagement ring. says Kristy Schiano UPS lost her irreplaceable diamond – and she thinks they did the bare minimum to find it.

In March, Schiano was on a work trip to Arizona when she slipped off her engagement ring while putting on moisturizer in her hotel room.

But in a morning rush to catch a flight back to North Carolina, Schiano left him behind.

“Immediately when I was in the Uber, I realized, oh no. My heart dropped in my stomach,” Schiano said.

She called the hotel staff who told her they had found the ring and would send it back to her. But his relief was premature.

“He never made it here,” she said while sitting in her Cornelius living room.

The ring had not belonged to Schiano for a long time. Her fiancé proposed with the personalized ring they designed together in August.

The band’s metallic twists were symbolic of their vision for their partnership.

“It’s a symbol. We teamed up on this ring and it makes me sad in the bottom of my stomach,” she said.

Schiano said she didn’t have to wait long to receive a UPS tracking number and was told a signature would be required when the package arrived.

“Oh great,” she said. “He’s on his way but he never got here.”

Schiano’s doorbell video camera shows the UPS driver walking and leaving the package on the doorstep. He then heads to the back of the house, potentially to see if anyone was home – but no one was there at the time.

The video then shows the driver returning to the porch, picking up the package and driving away.

This is where Schiano says the track gets cold.

“He never scanned it when he got back in the truck.”

Schiano says she immediately contacted UPS, which opened an investigation.

“They have nine days to do it. It took them two days and UPS got back to me and said, no, sorry, it’s lost. Oops, she said.

The ring was undervalued on the original shipping documentation, meaning UPS is offering Schiano a $500 payment for a ring worth $12,000.

“I understand it’s a major shipper, I understand the logistics are very difficult but oops,” Schiano asked.

Next month, she is getting married and another ring will be slipped on her hand. But she hopes that the one who was given to ask for it will give it back to her in one way or another.

“In hindsight, what could I have done differently? I don’t think there’s anything I could have done differently.

WBTV contacted UPS for comment and provided Schiano’s tracking number. A company spokesperson said they were looking into the matter and “will be in touch”.

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