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Energy Community: first consignment of emergency repair materials leaves for Ukraine

Two trucks loaded with urgently needed equipment for the repair of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, donated by the Hungarian MOL group, have left the Hungarian town of Százhalombatta.

The materials, worth around €135,000, include pipes, valves, cables, insulators, welding electrodes and more. The expedition was coordinated by the Ukraine Support Task Force (USTF) of the Energy Community Secretariat.

“Help like this is crucial for Ukrainian energy companies to prepare for winter and repair the damage caused by the latest wave of attacks,” said Ádám Balogh, head of the Secretariat’s Ukraine Support Working Group.

He added that the Energy Community continues to organize expeditions from all over Europe and beyond: “So far, we have delivered 26 shipments to Ukraine and 21 more are in preparation. Donations from other sectors such as the manufacturing and automotive industry will also be crucial, so that Ukrainians can cope with the extreme hardships of the coming winter.

Businesses in the manufacturing, construction, and automotive industries can also provide much-needed assistance in the form of tools, vehicles, and materials. The process is simple and hassle-free for businesses. The USTF coordinates the entire donation process, including door-to-door delivery of donated items with transport provided free of charge through the European Commission’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre.

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