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Emergency delivery of infant formula arrives from Europe | Health info

By Dennis Thompson and Ernie Mundell HealthDay Reporters, health day reporter

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MONDAY, May 23, 2022 (HealthDay News) — A 35-ton shipment of hypoallergenic baby formula from Switzerland arrived in the United States on Sunday, the first shipment of what the Biden administration is calling “Operation Fly Formula” to deal with a nationwide shortage.

The 132 pallets of formula arrived in Indianapolis on a C-17 military cargo plane from Germany, and will be given to babies intolerant to proteins provided by cow’s milk, CNN reported.

The Nestlé Health Science formula shipment is expected to provide enough formula for 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers for a week, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said as he welcomed the delivery to Indianapolis.

“This is a big shipment of very specific, specialized formulas. Formulas for moms and dads who have kids with allergies where the regular formula just won’t work,” Vilsack told a conference call. hurry.

None of the shipments will be for sale on store shelves, as it is for babies who need it most.

A second shipment of 114 pallets of Gerber Good Start Extensive HA infant formula is expected soon, according to the White House.

In total, these first rounds of shipments are expected to represent the equivalent of 1.5 million eight-ounce bottle doses, CNN said.

President Joe Biden announced Operation Fly Formula last week, ordering the federal government to import formula from overseas.

On Sunday, the administration also announced two priority orders under the Defense Production Act for infant formula from Reckitt and Abbott Nutrition. Authorizations under the law will help companies to receive the raw materials needed for the production of infant formula more quickly.

Facing mounting pressure to help desperate parents, Biden last Wednesday invoked the power of the Wartime Defense Production Act to bring more of the precious commodity into American homes.

Under the new powers, the federal government can use commercial planes or air cargo planes owned by the Department of Defense to transport infant formula from foreign countries and fly it into the United States, getting it on the shelves faster. store shelves.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration also announced last week that it was speeding up the approval process, so foreign infant formula suppliers can quickly get their products into the United States.

“I know parents across the country are worried about finding enough infant formula to feed their babies – as a parent and as a grandparent, I know how stressful that is,” said Biden in a video posted on Twitter last week. He said he was directing his administration “to do everything possible to ensure that there is enough safe formula and that it quickly reaches the families who need it most.”

Early last week, the FDA also announced that an Abbott Nutrition infant formula manufacturing plant in Michigan, which has been closed since February due to safety concerns, will likely resume operations soon, helping to further increase the supply.

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