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Diplomatic impetus between Russia and Germany for the shipment of a major turbine for a gas pipeline

Russia and Germany maintain a diplomatic push for the turbine. This turbine is the key to the exploitation of the Baltic gas pipeline, The part was sent to Canada for repair and was returned to Germany, but now needs to be shipped to Russia. However, Moscow is asking Now ensures that this coin is unrestricted,

The version game between Russia and Moscow continues. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz assured that the only thing missing was meeting Moscow’s demand and confirmed that there were no restrictions preventing the delivery. The United Kingdom, where the piece is from, and Canada, Berlin and Brussels have both agreed. Gazprom and Kremlin both insist there are doubts over sanctions And on the contractual details with Siemens.

What seems clear is that He won’t be increasing gas flow anytime soonThe reason for the failure of this turbine was July 11 Russian pipeline will reduce Nord Stream 1 gas shipments by 40%, After the failure, Russia sent the turbine to Canada for repair, but the Canadian government did not return it. He decided to send him to Germany to comply with the sanctions.

once in germany Chancellor Scholz personally verified that The turbine is in good condition and sent a message to Moscow: “The important thing is to clarify that this turbine can be shipped and used at any time.” Scholz also claimed that “Nothing stands in the way of your shipment to Russia,

The Kremlin still does not see clearly. He thinks Western sanctions are affecting this turbine. Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesmansaid that “Gazprom would very much like to receive the turbine, but Gazprom is approved. It is important that we obtain legal documentation confirming that the turbine has not been sanctioned.

What will happen to the gas pipeline now?

Germany has already responded. From there, they ensure that the turbine is free of restrictions and Believes that the blockade of the gas pipeline is a political decisionA few days ago, Moscow has again reduced the flow of the Nord Stream by 1 to 20%Argue technical problem in the second turbine,