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Custom Mac Studio, Expected MacBook Pro Shipment Delays; How long will Apple consumers wait?

Custom Mac Studio and MacBook Pro shipments are expected to be delayed. This means that consumers who order these devices through Apple’s Configure To Order (CTO) online option will have to wait longer than usual.

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Since Mac products ordered through Apple’s CTO are now delayed, the best option for consumers is to purchase the base models.

But, if you’re patient, you can still wait for your CTO Mac Studio and MacBook Pro shipments. The question is, how long should you wait for them?

Mac Studio custom, MacBook Pro delivery delays expected

According to Apple InsiderAccording to the latest report from , custom Mac Studio and MacBook Pro units are now expected to arrive in 10-12 weeks.

Custom Mac Studio, Expected MacBook Pro Shipment Delays;  How long will Apple consumers wait?
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This is a long wait time compared to the usual arrival of shipments, which can only take about five weeks. Now here are the new shipping date estimates for the popular Mac Studio and MacBook Pro CTO units:

  • 14-inch MacBook Pro: July 6 to July 21
  • 16-inch MacBook Pro: July 6 to July 21
  • M1 Max Mac Studio: June 24 to July 1
  • M1 Ultra Mac Studio: 10-12 weeks

Apple has not confirmed the reason for the latest shipment delays for its personalized items. Although the tech maker didn’t provide many details, there were rumors that stricter health protocols in China could be one of the reasons.

The current global SoC shortage is also responsible for Mac Studio and MacBook Pro custom shipping delays.

When will the chip shortage end?

Since the shortage of chipsets is most likely the main cause behind the delay of custom Apple Mac devices, many consumers will definitely want to know when the SoC shortage will last.

Tom’s Hardware reported that the global chip shortage is expected to end soon. Counterpoint Research has claimed that the SoC issue will likely end around the second half of 2022.

But that doesn’t mean the SoC shortage will be completely gone.

At the time of writing, application processors, RF equipment inventory levels and 5G-related SoCs are increasing in number, which is really helping many countries alleviate chipset shortages.

William Li, a semiconductor specialist, said they are seeing a significant improvement in SoC supplies.

Meanwhile, resellers are also making their own efforts to prevent chipset scalpers from getting all the SoCs.

If you want to see more details about Counterpoint’s chipset shortage forecast, you can visit this link.

Meanwhile, Foxconn China recently offered bigger bonuses to attract more workers.

On the other hand, Apple’s Mac Mini redesign plan is expected to change.

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