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Chinese customs block shipment from Taiwan not labeled “Taiwan, China”

Taipei, Aug 9 (CNA) The Taiwan Customs Authority (CA) said on Tuesday that a shipment from Taiwan was blocked at Chinese customs because it was not labeled as coming from “Taiwan, China “.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs said last week that it had been informed by several Taiwanese companies that they had been informed by Chinese customs that their goods should not be labeled as coming from “Taiwan” or the “Republic of China (official name of Taiwan) on shipping cartons and their export and import declaration documents.

This would comply with a rule established in 2015 that China requires goods imported from Taiwan to be labeled as coming from “Taiwan, China”, “Chinese Taipei” or other designations suggesting that Taiwan is part of Chinese territory.

On Tuesday, the AC said it had recently received inquiries from a number of companies on how to handle the labeling rule, and on August 5, a company informed it that one of its shipments had been blocked by Chinese customs for not complying. with the rule.

During this incident, the company was asked to indicate on the declaration documents that its shipment came from “Taiwan, China”, the AC said, adding that it had contacted the relevant Chinese authorities to find out how to solve the problem. incident.

The strict enforcement of the rule by Chinese customs came after China announced earlier this month that it had temporarily suspended imports of more than 1,000 Taiwanese food companies and certain types of agricultural products from of Taiwan, in a measure widely seen as retaliation for a 7 p.m. deadline. visit of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan from August 2 to 3.

The certification authority said it did not know the types or quantity of products that had been blocked because the company had not provided it with related information.

Meanwhile, companies whose shipments are blocked by Chinese customs can seek help from the Bureau of Foreign Trade, he said.

Nikkei Asia reported on Aug. 5 that Apple Inc. had previously notified its Taiwanese suppliers to follow the labeling rule, due to expected strict enforcement by Chinese customs.

Taiwanese authorities do not allow shipments from the region to be labeled as being shipped from “Taiwan, China”, making it difficult for local exporters to comply with China’s stricter enforcement of the rule. .

(By Chang Ai, Lai Yen-hsi and Sean Lin)

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