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Canada announces shipment of new artillery and ammunition to Ukraine

Canadian authorities have sent a new fleet of artillery and ammunition, including howitzers, to Ukraine to help European nations counter the new Russian offensive launched from the east.

Equipment includes four M-777 howitzersDefense Minister Anita Anand said in a statement on Friday.

However, the Canadian broadcaster Radio Canada He added that these were four of the howitzers Ottawa purchased during the war in Afghanistan, according to security sources consulted anonymously.

“As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised earlier this week, Canada provided heavy artillery to Ukrainian security forces at the request of Ukraine.Mentioned in the press release.

He added “To that end, Canada has now provided several M777 howitzers and related ammunition to Ukrainian security forces as well as our American allies.

The ship also contained an unknown quantity of anti-attack munitions.At the request of the Ukrainian government.

“As Ukrainians fight to defend their sovereignty, freedom and liberty, Canada is determined to continue to provide Ukraine with the military equipment it needs to fight and win this war. “Anand added in the statement.

French company Thales has been accused of selling security assets to Russia in violation of sanctions

Waiting, On Friday, an adviser to the Ukrainian presidency accused the French security group Thales of selling equipment used to kill civilians to Russia, in defiance of sanctions. Thales denies the claims.

“A family tried to flee, but were killed by Russian assassins,” tweeted Mikhail Podoliak, adviser to the president. “As reported now, he was killed in 2015 by French weapons sold in breach of sanctions,” he added.

Was contacted by AFP, Thales, the French government, has denied violating sanctions imposed after Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in 2014.

“Thales has always respected French and international rules, including the 2014 European sanctions against Russia,” the panel said.

On Friday, Ukraine’s presidential adviser accused French defense equipment group Thales of selling equipment used to kill civilians to Russia in defiance of sanctions (AP Photo/Titar Sadullov) – Photo: AP

The company added “No defense equipment export agreement has been signed with Russia since 2014 and no supply has been made to Russia since the start of the conflict in Ukraine.”After insisting that he decided to stop operating in Russia.

In his Twitter post, Bodoliyak recreates a video of Ukrainian blogger Pavlo Kashchuk analyzing the damage to the car in which the murdered woman’s body was found in Pucha, near Q.

“How could poorly trained Russian soldiers shoot with such precision with post-Soviet equipment?” Kashuk was surprised.

The blogger said the answer to this question was found in the nearby town of Vorzel, where Ukrainian forces seized four BMD-4 armored vehicles from Russia.

So said Kashuk These vehicles were equipped with sophisticated fire control systems, technology sold by Thales to Russia.

In his video, The blogger also showed off a thermal imaging camera said to have been salvaged from an abandoned Russian tank. It bears the Thales logo and the words “Made in Russia” dated 06/16. Kashchuk said it was assembled in Russia from Thales components.

“This is one of many projects aimed at allowing French companies to circumvent the ban.”Mentioned.

The “threat” of airstrikes from Belarus continues; Ukraine

Civilians of the Ukrainian armed forces stressed this Friday that “the enemy continues to carry out a large-scale armed aggression”. It is again operating from across the Belarusian border, where the “threat” of airstrikes continues.

“There is an increase in radio intelligence and electronic warfare systems along the border with the Ukrainian Belarusian region of Gomel,” reports the General Staff, which reports posts created by Minsk to interfere with communications around other border areas.

Besides, “The enemy has undertaken the formation of additional forces and air defense equipment”The report therefore stresses that “the threat of missile strikes against civilian and military infrastructure targets in Ukraine from the territory of the Republic of Belarus continues”.

“The reconstruction of enemy troops continues,” Ukrainian officials point out, in other cases, the siege of the city of Kharkov or the shelling of the city of Maripol.

* With information from AFP and Europa Press

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