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Call of Duty’s famous map delivery looks like it’s been done in upcoming Halo Infinite Forge mode

With the Halo Infinite Forge mode scheduled to launch in September, we’ve already seen apparent leaks of what we can expect. A fan has apparently taken it upon himself to recreate a fan-favorite Call of Duty map.

The leak comes from InfiniteLeak’s Twitter account, a well-known Halo Infinite leaker. They have a long history of revealing cosmetics coming to the store and all modes coming to Halo Infinite before any official announcement.

The images shown in the video are from T68 YouTube, and we see a shot-for-shot recreation of Shipment. The video starts with T68 in one of the corners of the map, it’s raining while the Halo 3: ODST soundtrack plays in the background.

As the video continues, we can see more of what the Halo Infinite Forge mode has to offer. Not only will this have weather effects, but players will also be able to implement other objects such as rubble, fires, billboards with Spartans on them, and even corpses.

Watching a fan recreate an iconic map from an entirely different franchise is pretty awesome, especially because Forge mode hasn’t released yet.

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