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British Navy seizes $15m crystal meth shipment in Arabian Sea

British Navy frigate HMS Montrose seized the 870kg cargo of crystal meth amid frequent drug seizures in the Red and Arabian Seas this year.

A Saudi-led coalition of 38 countries is currently patrolling the Red and Arabian Seas [Getty]

Britain’s Royal Navy has seized a methamphetamine shipment worth over $15 million in the Arabian Sea.

The 870kg cargo of crystal meth was seized this week from a small wooden dhow by HMS Montrose, Britain’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement on Friday.

British authorities say the international drug trade is a key financing tool for terrorists, rogue states and arms dealers in the region.

“Disrupting terrorist organisations, criminals and their lines of funding is essential to keeping the UK and the rest of the world safe,” said the British ship’s commander, Claire Thompson.

The identities of those on board are not yet clear – nor is it the jurisdiction in which the alleged traders could face trial.

The British Navy frigate HMS Montrose has been deployed to Middle Eastern seas since 2019, in a Saudi-led initiative with 38 other nations patrolling both the Red and Arabian Seas.

High profile drug busts have been frequent across both seas throughout 2022.

In January, HMS Montrose seized more than a ton of illegal drugs from a small fishing boat in international waters off the Gulf of Oman.

Iran, whose southern border meets the Arabian Sea, and Afghanistan are major producers of methamphetamine for the global drug market.

Drug trafficking is booming in Afghanistan as the Taliban authorities continue to turn a blind eye.

According to reports from The New Arab.