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Arrival of the second shipment of urea fertilizer

The second vessel carrying 22,000 metric tons of urea fertilizer arrived at Colombo Port on Sunday (13) afternoon.

This is the second shipment to arrive under the World Bank’s $105 million financial allocation to purchase urea-based fertilizer needed for paddy and maize crops this season Maha .

The ship carrying urea fertilizer arrived from Malaysia. Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has instructed the Lanka Fertilizer Company and the Commercial Fertilizer Company to start unloading fertilizer from this ship from today.

According to Commercial Fertilizer Company Chairman Jagath Perera, arrangements have been made to begin unloading fertilizer from 8 p.m. tonight.

Currently, the amount of urea fertilizer received for this Maha season under the World Bank loan is 35,000 metric tons. Of the 65,000 metric tons of fertilizer purchased under an Indian loan program in the last Yala season, 34,000 metric tons of urea fertilizer remain. The same amount of fertilizer was distributed to all agricultural centers for the first pass of urea-based fertilizer in Maha season rice cultivation.

On November 28, another ship of urea fertilizer will arrive in Sri Lanka and in the first week of December, a ship carrying 40,000 metric tons of MOP (Muriate of Potash) fertilizer is expected to arrive in Colombo.

In addition, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations will today hand over more than 700 metric tons of urea-based fertilizer to the Ministry of Agriculture for distribution to the families of low-income farmers in eight districts (15).

Agriculture Minister Amaraweera has asked farmers to start farming without fear as they have the opportunity to plant paddy and maize without any shortage of urea or MOP fertilizer as they will get the full amount of fertilizer needed for this Maha season.