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Apple wants 90 million units for iPhone 14 similar to its predecessor’s shipment last year – no drop in demand

Apple isn’t changing anything about the iPhone 14 shipping for this year, especially with the next device speculated to arrive by September’s fall event. This means that 90 million iPhone 14s arrive when they are revealed to the world and when their stock hits retail stores and the global distribution market.

Reports claim that Apple sees no change or drop in demand for the new smartphone.

Apple: 90 million units for the upcoming iPhone 14, identical to the delivery of the predecessor

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News about the new iPhone 14 brings news about its future availability, and there would be the same number of units expected for its supply and distribution around the world. According Bloombergthe Cupertino company wants 90 million smartphone units to arrive for everyone, for its worldwide distribution and sales.

That’s the same number as its predecessors shipped last year, with the iPhone 13 also bringing 90 million units for all customers who want a new iPhone from the various markets it’s available in.

That means Apple’s inventory for its online stores, retail stores, and other retail businesses would have the ability to sell the same number of iPhones for the new release.

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Apple expects no drop in demand for iPhone 14 release

According MacRumorsthe reason for the same number of units is due to Apple’s prediction that there would be no drop in demand for the iPhone 14. Starting with its release of the iPhone 13 in 2021, Apple s expect the same volume of interested buyers and orders for the next smartphone, although it has yet to be released to the public.

Apple iPhone 14 Upcoming Features

The iPhone 14 is nearing its release date and availability to the public, and it’s the company’s next smartphone release that will bring its latest feature to continue its legacy. Upcoming Pro versions are reportedly coming with 256GB as the base storage space for the device, with a 15% price increase also looming.

Other reports claim that there won’t be any massive changes for the device when it arrives, only its standard update on the camera which gets better with each version.

However, Ming-Chi Kuo has previously claimed that Apple faces a significant “quality issue” with its rear camera lens face that the new iPhone 14 will suffer from upon release. There is still time for the Cupertino company to correct this error and avoid any future recalls or reports from owners regarding the new device.

That said, the iPhone 14 may be essentially the iPhone 13, such as its similarity to the 2020 phone release with the iPhone 12. Still, Apple isn’t seeing any drop in demand for the new smartphone and continues to make pressure for the device to arrive. with the same number of units as last year, with forecasts to sell everything to the world.

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