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Apple delays shipping iPhone 14 Pro to many users

Apple delays some pre-orders of its latest iPhone

In Apple’s latest presentation, among other things, the new iPhone line with the two new flagships of the apple company: the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Beyond a few camera, battery, and processor improvements, users loved the design change what Apple did with the notch.

Maybe that’s why the iPhone 14 Pro got a demand so high which Apple may not have expected. Although the first iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are reaching their buyers around the world, Apple would delay some orders early even though their “promised” delivery date was today, Friday, September 16.

iPhone 14 Pro pre-order delays

There are users with iPhone 14 Pro and they have shared videos of the new Apple devices

We’ve been through several iPhone launches now, and we’ve hardly ever heard of Apple delaying delivery after promising a delivery to a buyer. What Apple usually does is put a later delivery date at the exit so as not to have any surprises since it is always conservative with these estimates.

However, this year it seems that the launch of the new iPhone 14 has been something complicated for Apple. The latest information indicates that on the day of the reservation, the Apple Store Online and the Apple Store application had interruptions as customers ordered their new devices due to high demand. They also say that some customers have ordered a large number of iPhone 14 Pro due to computer system errorswhich caused others not to be able to ask for it.

After all this mess, Apple “promised” a delivery date not possible Some users and social networks are full of photos and comments from people claiming that Apple is delaying their iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max orders. Said delivery was supposed to take place today (Friday, September 16), but they have to wait until next week or maybe until October to get your hands on it.

As some users claim, Apple delayed their order for about a week, which would let us know September 23. There are also cases, although in smaller numbers, of people whose due date is September 30. Some of them even claim that Apple would not have changed the delivery date until today and are “afraid” that the the date may continue to change next week.

Are there other Apple products with these delays?

Apple delays delivery of iPhone 14 Pro to many users

Apparently, these delays would only affect the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. iPhone 14 model seems to hit users complitly normal. It is true that this could be due to the fact that the iPhone 14 Plus will only arrive on October 7, it is good to know that there are customers who do not have problems with their products.

Why is the iPhone 14 more expensive in Spain (and in many countries) and in the United States, hasn’t its price increased?

If you are one of those buyers affected by the delay, you surely feel disappointed or angrybut it’s no surprise what happened to Apple due to problems with its reservation system.

We might also find some comfort in the fact that Apple often exceeds its estimates for late shipments, even if they are. a day or two before of the new scheduled delivery date.