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APEAM begins shipping Hass avocados from Jalisco to the United States

25 years after the beginning of Mexican avocado exports, the Association of Producers and Exporters of Avocados of Mexico (APEAM) has authorized the export of fruits from USDA-APHIS to the United States and from SADER- SENASICA to Mexico as the sole cooperative partner East. , successfully managed the incorporation of Jalisco, The state was then included in the binational action plan and met the certification requirements for orchards and packaging requested by the health and agricultural authorities of the neighboring country.

“As such, we have worked in coordination with the main actors of the lawyer in Jalisco, and with various competent authorities, by combining our training efforts on the normal functioning of the action plan; likewise, resolving producers’ doubts about stocks. The work of APEAM to represent and represent Mexican avocados for export, currently brings together the two occupied states: Michoacán and Jalisco”, detailed the unit

Following the intensive activities of the APEAM management, which asked producers and packers to export avocados from the new state, the industry’s efforts continue, maintaining the leadership of avocados from Mexico, offering a product of world class. Eh. in terms of safety, traceability, taste and sustainability while providing economic and social benefits to communities.

President of the Association of Producers Packers Exporters of Mexico (APEAM), Jose Luis Gallardo Stressed the importance of introducing exports from Jalisco, as they open sales doors to other entities such as Nayarit, Colima, Puebla, Morelos and the State of Mexico.

He recognized the joint and difficult work with federal and state officials as the reason why Mexico should be in the big leagues, the national lawyer being the best in the world, and promoted his quality in many places, from Canada in Japan.

Since the beginning of the export of avocados to the northern country in 1997, only from Michoacán, no incidents have been recorded during a phytosanitary examination of the quarantine pests monitored under the program.

today, APEAM is made up of more than 30,000 producers and 74 packers in Michoacan. 11 packers and 8,420 hectares are participating in this export start-up from Jalisco.

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Thief Shipment of 201 tons of Hass avocado from 11 certified packages By the health authorities of Mexico and the United States, the export of this product from Jalisco has officially started in the market of this country.

Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development, Victor Villalobos Arambula pointed out that this is the result of the long work, commitment and dedication of Jalisco growers in 608 orchards.

He said that for the Mexican government it is a privilege to have farmers who accompany farmers in this process, which is successful because it generates growth and well-being, especially for small and medium producers, their families and state communities. Is.

This export, he said, shows what can be achieved if they work together for a common goal and because growers have implemented phytosanitary measures in orchards and packaging, so that consumers and trading partners are assured of guaranteeing that the fruits are free from pests and diseases. ,

In Jalisco, the avocado industry generates more than 12,000 direct jobs and 22,000 indirect jobs and is located on more than 22,000 hectares of pest-free areas which affects the fruit. They also have very technical orchards, infrastructures and traceability monitoring systems.

In 2021, he said, the state exported 113,000 tons to more than 25 countries such as Canada, Japan and Spain, which today includes the United States.

Villalobos recalled that this success began with the signing of the first action plan for export to the United States on July 15, 1997, which allowed Michoacán producers to position their avocados in this important market.

In 25 years, national fruit production has tripled since 790,000 tons were produced in 1996 and exceeded 2.4 million tons last year, a federal official said at the event, where the States Consulate States in Guadalajara was also present. Al-Lahm.

Today, Mexico is a leader in its cultivation and export, because The Mexican avocado is consumed in 51 countries and ranks first in the world ranking of products exported to all destinations with a value of 3104 million dollars.Sales in the United States amounted to 2,473 million dollars, with a volume of one million 280,000 tons, he reported.

The Secretary of Agriculture reported that on December 6, 2021, the National Agricultural Food Health, Safety, and Quality Service (SENSCA) and the United States Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service signed a systemic approach master action plan for the importation of fresh Hass avocado. . Mexico in the United States.

He added that this new agreement opens up the possibility of exporting avocados from any producing region of the country, as 87% of the national area planted with avocados is officially recognized as a bone-drilling area.

He stressed that they will work in coordination with Senasica so that, in a short time, the more than 17,500 hectares of avocado trees in the state that are not yet authorized for export obtain certification.

General Manager of Senasika, Francois Xavier Trujillo He specified that, from 1995 to the present day, through the regulated phytosanitary program avocado plague, the Ministry of Agriculture has invested more than one billion pesos, indicating the importance of this crop for the national economy. .

The federal official urged producers and packers in Jalisco to continue implementing phytosanitary measures, making them eligible for the export program, and to follow the example of Michoacán, a unit that has been controlling the pest at the border for 25 year. Detection is not a problem.

president ofA Federation of Exporting Producers of Avocados from Jalisco, (Apiazal), Javier Medina pointed out that, unlike in the past, work has been done differently with the current government and with Secretary Villalobos Arambula, since the first signing of the Mexico-United States Operational Work Plan, to assure farmers that today they will reach these containers. their destination in a neighboring country.

according to data from Agricultural, Food and Fisheries Information Service (SIAP)Mexico is the main producer of avocados in the world, representingn In 2020, this figure has increased to more than 2.3 million tonnes, which means that 32 percent of the world production of this fruit,