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Abendroth Fortel proposes a decarbonization program for global transport calls for reduced use of carbon-intensive fuels to advance decarbonization in the shipping industry

SINGAPORE – June 24, 2022 – (

Abendroth Fortel, a leading financial services advisor and reputable commodity broker aiming to provide its clients with a range of investment opportunities in the commodities markets, today announced its initiative to support the implementation of a decarbonization program to reduce -carbon fuels more convenient and cost effective.

Abendroth Fortel supports the introduction of a specific system that would reduce the use of fuels with an equivalent carbon dioxide intensity above an acceptable baseline and provide a subsidy for implementation of decarbonization. The company supports critical action plans to reduce shipping emissions and encourages the international shipping industry to contribute in turn to achieving the goals of the decarbonization agenda.

Abendroth Fortel welcomes the new navigation rules which require the use of low sulfur navigation fuels and the implementation of new efficiency standards. Further change is still needed in the case of ships in service, the fuels used to power them, and allied infrastructure. In order to implement changes within the industry and achieve the required evolution, the company proposes to set up a subsidy for the use of low and zero carbon options.

As with proposals for any type of regulatory change, it is necessary to make an overall assessment of the impact that a similar proposed reform may have. It is very important to identify the potential results of the proposed program before its approval.

“Our recommendation is based on an underlying analysis which involves taking into account various feedbacks, other proposals and contributions related to previous actions carried out. We would like to thank all interested parties in the commercial sector who have supported our initiative,” said Hoi Batisah, Head of Communications.

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Abendroth Fortel proposes a decarbonization program for global transport