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51% of the 67.4 million ballots for 2022 ready to be sent out

On Tuesday March 15, Comelec also printed 49.7 million ballots, or 73% of the total number needed for the 2022 elections.

MANILA, Philippines – Some 37.4 million ballots are being prepared for dispatch to various parts of the country as of mid-April, the Election Commission (Comelec) announced on Tuesday, March 15.

Comelec said that was 51% of the 67.4 million ballots that need to be printed for May’s high-stakes election.

As of Tuesday morning, the polling body had printed 73.7% or 49.7 million ballots, but of that number only 55% were verified.

The verification process determines whether the quality of the printed ballot is good or bad.

If the ballot is defective, it will be replaced.

Of the ballots checked by Comelec, 31.9 million were considered “good” ballots, while 5.2 million were classified as “faulty”. Defective ballots showed stains or were badly cut.

The Comelec had indicated that the defective bulletins came from the first month of printing, when the printer used was brand new and needed some adjustments.

The polling body is expected to deliver the ballots to the recipients, primarily town and city treasurers, on April 20.

Election supplies freight forwarder F2 Logistics will handle the delivery of the ballots.

Comelec’s contract with F2 Logistics, however, drew attention to its ties to the main donor to President Rodrigo Duterte’s 2016 campaign, Dennis Uy.

But polling officials defended the deal, saying there was no reason to suggest a conflict of interest was involved. –