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2022 Ford Ranger Raptor: First shipment arrives in Australia, but there’s a catch

An eagle-eyed reader filmed a truck of next-generation Ford Ranger Raptors on the streets of Melbourne. However, customers still have to pump the brakes for a little while.

The first shipment of next-generation Ford Ranger Raptor high-performance pickups has docked in Australia, but they aren’t heading to showrooms yet.

A Ford Ranger Raptors truck was filmed in Melbourne this week by an eagle-eyed enthusiast who uploaded a photo to one of Ford Ranger’s Facebook forums.

Although the image was posted multiple times last night, the original commenter posted, “Looks like the Raptors are here! Spotted north of Melbourne.

However, front-end customers will have to wait a little longer, as the truck was not heading to Ford showrooms.

Conduct understands that the Ford Ranger Raptors truck was actually a shipment of media assessment vehicles transported from the shipping docks to Ford Australia’s engineering center.

As is normal practice, media assessment vehicles are given an additional visit before being put through their paces in a range of demanding conditions.

They are also among the first examples to roll off the production line as “customer ready” vehicles.

A number of photos of the new generation Ford Ranger Raptor have appeared on Facebook forums in recent weeks, parked on suburban Melbourne streets (like the examples pictured above and below), and in driveways and shopping center car parks.

However, these examples are final pre-production technical evaluation vehicles.

These earlier examples are the first to come off the line for checking tooling and other production processes, but they are generally not salable vehicles and are instead used for dealer training and marketing exercises – and are destined to be crushed.

The carrier’s four “Code Orange” Ford Ranger Raptors are believed to be media evaluation vehicles getting their final tweaks ahead of press releases in the coming month.

Ford has not yet sent out invitations for media testing of the new Ford Ranger Raptor and has not yet announced a date.

However, Conduct understands that the test drive event will take place close to showroom arrival times.

The ongoing production disruptions and bottlenecks that continue to plague the automotive industry globally have also impacted deliveries of the Ford Ranger Raptor and Ford Everest.

Both of these models are now expected to arrive in Australian showrooms in September rather than as originally planned in August.

Ford dealerships contacted by Conduct say customer delivery dates remain fluid due to ongoing supply and shipping constraints affecting all car brands globally.

However, good news for Ranger buyers who are stuck in the queue: Ford announced increased production capacity in the last three months of this year in an attempt to reduce wait times.

While delivery times vary by model, option and color choice in the regular Ford Ranger lineup, copies ordered today could have six to 12 month wait times.

However, a number of savvy buyers have skipped the queue by opting for 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel variants that are already in stock at the dealership, rather than waiting for the new V6 turbo models to arrive. diesel.

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